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Are Timeshare Freedom Groups Worth the Money? Is it legitimate? In this Guide, learn! 

A timeshare exit company, Timeshare Freedom Group, is waving between positive and negative reviews, and profound insights are needed to be considered to “Is Timeshare Freedom Group, a legit company?” 

Timeshare Freedom Group 

Well, Timeshare Freedom Group, also known as Timeshare Freedom LLC, is an American-based organization in Laguna Hills, California. By providing timeshare cancellation services, they work to put off the burden of paying your timeshare’s mortgage balance and maintenance fees.   

The company has been known and operating for ten years; it has several offices, mainly in the Southern United States, and other locations include Arizona, Florida, Texas, and Virginia, where timeshare owners can meet in person.   

At first glance, this company appears very professional and offers reputable exit services. However, upon further consideration, our team realized a few things. Shall we discuss this?  

Timeshare Freedom Fees 

When opting for any service, the clients always consider the providers’ costs. However, some businesses, such as in the timeshare cancellation industry, feel it unmanageable to reveal the prices if or until they don’t study your case. 

According to the timeshare exit organizations’ statement, the costs will vary according to how long your timeshare contract is and whether you have any outstanding mortgage debt. 

To get a sense of the prices, we must read through numerous evaluations for the Timeshare Freedom Group that indicate the cost will range from $3,000 to $8,000. 

Additionally, the business operators may convince their clients to have in-person meetings for the most part. However, we advise you to haggle with them over the price. Compared to other timeshare exit companies, the company offers a standard price point. But it doesn’t hurt to try to bargain for a lower price! 

The company is starting to match prices with other exit companies, another beautiful discovery it has made. Timeshare owners who struggle with decision-making may find the price check helpful. Nevertheless, we advise you to investigate each exit company. You can then witness firsthand what each exit company provides. 

A Serious Lawsuit  

In 2020, Timeshare Freedom Group faced a lawsuit that was filed by the famed vacation club Diamond Resorts; In this, 13 defendants were involved, claiming that they had provided false information and misleading advertising to timeshare owners. The lawsuit also underlined that the company would not make timeshare payments during termination. 

Features of Timeshare Freedom Group  

Besides litigation, the company offers many great features to its customers. Let’s discuss these excellent features in detail. 

  • Money Back Guarantee- With a money-back guarantee, clients feel that if the organization fails to relieve them from the timeshare ownership, their money will get refunded to them; hence, the clients feel assured and build trust with the organization. 
  • Process Description- This organization has provided the process in the detailed 4 steps for timeshare cancellations. These steps will have greater detail to let the process understand how the company will process each step to get their ownership off. 
  • Positive Reviews- On a number of third-party rating sites, Timeshare Freedom Group has received numerous admirable and favorable reviews as the best timeshare cancellation company. The surveys on the web-based locales are given by past clients and depend on effective timeshare exits. 

Final Verdict  

So, the Timeshare Freedom Group has solved a lot of cases. Numerous benefits are provided by the business, including a money-back guarantee, process description, and a good internet reputation. However, we must address allegations against Timeshare Freedom Group to protect the company’s image. Overall, the organization is best suited for timeshare departure instances. 



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