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rajkot update news : link-aadhaar-with-voter-list

Are you a resident of Rajkot? Do you want to ensure that your vote counts in the upcoming elections? Then it’s time to link your Aadhaar with the voter list. This simple process can make a big impact on improving democracy in our city. In this blog post, we’ll explore why linking Aadhaar with the voter list is important and how you can do it. So, let’s dive in and stay informed about the latest update news from Rajkot!

Rajkot update news : link aadhaar with voter list

The Election Commission of India has made it mandatory to link Aadhaar with the voter list in Rajkot. The process is simple and can be done both online and offline. To link your Aadhaar with the voter list, you need to log on to the National Voters Service Portal or visit your nearest electoral office.

Once you have entered your personal details such as name, age, and gender on the portal or application form at an electoral office, you will be asked to provide your Aadhaar number. After entering your Aadhaar number, a One Time Password (OTP) will be sent to your registered mobile number for verification purposes.

After successful verification, your Aadhaar will be linked with the voter list. This process helps in maintaining accurate voting records by eliminating duplicate entries and ensuring that only legitimate voters cast their vote.

By linking Aadhaar with the voter list in Rajkot, we can take a step towards improving democracy in our city. It ensures that every eligible citizen gets a chance to exercise their right to vote without any hassle or confusion during elections.

What is the process to link aadhaar with voter list?

The process to link Aadhaar with the voter list is relatively simple. First, visit your nearest enrolment center or election office with a copy of your Aadhaar card and voter ID card. Then, fill out the necessary forms provided by the officials.

After that, submit the filled forms along with copies of both documents to the concerned authority for verification purposes. Once verified, you will receive a confirmation message from the department regarding successful linking of your Aadhaar and Voter ID.

It’s important to note that if there are any discrepancies in either document, then they must be corrected before proceeding with this linking process.

Additionally, online methods are also available where voters can log on to their state’s Chief Electoral Officer website and follow similar steps as mentioned above. The online method is more convenient as it saves time and effort compared to visiting an enrolment center physically.

Linking Aadhaar with voter lists is crucial for ensuring accurate voter identification during elections while minimizing fraudulent practices like bogus voting or impersonation cases.

Why is it important to link aadhaar with voter list?

Linking aadhaar with the voter list is an important step towards ensuring fair and transparent elections in Rajkot. The purpose of this linkage is to eliminate duplicate or fake voters from the electoral rolls, thereby improving the accuracy and credibility of polls.

One key advantage of linking aadhaar with voter list is that it will help prevent impersonation during voting. By verifying the identity of each voter through their unique aadhaar number, there will be fewer cases where someone tries to vote on behalf of another person who has already cast their ballot.

Another benefit is that it will reduce errors in the electoral rolls. Currently, there are many instances where names are misspelt or wrongly entered into the database, resulting in confusion and delays on polling day. Linking aadhaar can help avoid such issues by providing accurate information about each voter.

Moreover, linking aadhaar with voter ID could also simplify the process for updating personal details such as address changes or corrections in spelling mistakes within one’s name. This would make it easier for citizens to participate actively in democracy while eliminating hurdles like travelling long distances just to update one’s information.

Linking Aadhar with Voter List could provide more transparency and accountability while making sure everyone has equal access to exercise their right to vote without any hindrance.

How will this process help in improving the democracy?

The linking of Aadhaar with the voter list is a crucial step towards improving democracy. The process will help in ensuring that only eligible voters are registered and prevent bogus voting. With this link, it will be easier to verify the identity of each individual voter and ensure that there is no duplication or manipulation of votes.

Moreover, the process will also help in reducing electoral fraud by eliminating multiple registrations and impersonation. This can lead to fair and transparent elections which truly represent people’s choice.

Additionally, this initiative can strengthen the democratic system by increasing accountability. Political parties may find it challenging to manipulate election results if only authentic voters are allowed to cast their vote. It also helps in promoting transparency as anyone can check whether their name appears on the list or not.

Linking Aadhaar with voter lists can bring about significant improvements in our democratic system by ensuring free and fair elections while enhancing accountability and transparency amongst citizens thereby strengthening India’s democracy.


Linking Aadhaar with voter list is a step towards strengthening the democratic process in India. It will help to eliminate bogus voters and ensure that only eligible citizens exercise their right to vote. This move will also help in preventing electoral frauds like booth capturing, impersonation, and multiple voting.

By linking Aadhaar with voter ID cards, the government can maintain an accurate database of genuine voters. This will eventually lead to free and fair elections as there would be no room for malpractices or discrepancies.

It is high time that we take actions to clean up our country’s election system by embracing new technologies like Aadhaar linkage. Therefore, it becomes the responsibility of every citizen of Rajkot to link their Aadhar card with their Voter ID card before the deadline expires.

Let us all come forward and do our part in making Indian democracy more transparent and efficient by linking our Aadhaar with Voter ID Cards!



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