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A Guide To Consolidating Student Loans: Understanding The Process And Choosing The Best Deals With Ascend Finance

When we say student loan consolidation, we are referring to the consolidation of multiple federal student loans in a new loan. Direct Consolidation Loan is a program provided by the United States Department of Education. It is open to all borrowers that meet the eligibility requirements.This program makes it possible for eligible borrowers to consolidate their federal student loans.

You might be able to save money if you change or combine your private student loans to get a lower interest rate on the new terms.The interest rate on a loan is partly based on how good your credit is, how much money you make, where you work, and how much you know.People will rate you based on your financial past and other things, like the work you’ve done and your skills..

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Types of Student Loan

Private Loan

If you decide to consolidate or refinance your existing private or federal student loans through a private student loan company, you may be able to have the repayment of those loans handled by a private lender who acts in a manner similar to that of a bank.

In addition to this, you will receive a new loan with a new interest rate and a new repayment schedule. Refinancing is the best option if you have private loans with higher interest rate and can get a much lower rate with the new loan.

Federal Loan

You also have the opportunity to roll over your federal student loans into a new direct consolidation loan under the Federal Direct Loan Program. You will still be qualified for some of the unique features of federal loans, and your new interest rate will be the calculated average of your previous loans.

Process of Consolidating Private Loan 
  • Look into lenders for student loan refinancing who can fit your needs. For instance, some lenders will refinance loans for students studying abroad, even if you didn’t complete a degree, other lenders might still provide a remortgage.
  • Obtain many offers of interest rates. To pre-qualify, you might need to provide some basic information, although this usually does not affect your credit score, your objective is to find the lowest rate.
  • Decide on a lender and loan conditions. Be aware of the fixed or variable interest rate and the length of the payback period. These are important elements that affect your monthly payment and overall expense. 
  • Fill out the form completely. Once you are familiar with and at ease with the loan offer, you must formally apply by filling out an application.
Process of Consolidating Federal Loan 
  • After you log in to your account on, you will be able to access the application for the direct consolidation loan. You’ll be able to see the program after you sign in. Since the application needs all of these steps to be done at once, you will need to get the things listed in the “What do I need?” section. In order to meet this requirement, you will need to sit down for the whole of the process.
  • Enter the loans that you want to consolidate as well as the loans that you do not want to consolidate.
  • Choose a method of repayment by deciding whether you want a repayment plan that is based on the amount of your loan or one that is based on the amount of money you bring in each month. Fill out the application form to be eligible for the repayment plan based on income.
  • Read the terms carefully before submitting the form. You should keep making payments on your student loans until your lender confirms that the consolidation process is complete.

The application procedure for federal student loans is simple, however, the application procedure for private student loans may require you to investigate a variety of various options. You need to give serious consideration to all of the advantages and drawbacks connected with your circumstances before enrolling for the Student Consolidating Plan.



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