Sunday, December 3, 2023 : microsoft gaming company to buy activision blizzard for rs 5... : microsoft gaming company to buy activision blizzard for rs 5 lakh crore

बड़े स्तर पर खेलों का मार्केट हमेशा से ही उपलब्ध है, और जिसकी संभावनाएं हमेशा से ही मुस्कुराती आती हैं – Microsoft Gaming Company Activision Blizzard को Rs 5 Lakh Crore में Buyout करने के लिए पहुंचे! सूत्रों से पता चला है कि Microsoft Gaming Company Activision Blizzard – World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Overwatch और Candy Crush Saga को मिलाकर Rs 5 Lakh Crore में Buyout के plan पर काम kar rahi hai.

Microsoft to Buy Activision Blizzard for Rs 5 Lakh Crore

According to a report by CNBC, Microsoft is set to buy Activision Blizzard for Rs 5 lakh crore ($7.2 billion). The deal would give Microsoft ownership of one of the world’s largest gaming companies. Activision Blizzard is best known for its Call of Duty and World of Warcraft brands. The company has more than 80 million active players globally. The combined company would have a market cap of $27 billion. This deal has been in the works for some time, with both companies discussing it back in February. Since then, there have been some regulatory hurdles to clear, but those seem to be now behind them. This would be Microsoft’s biggest acquisition yet and it would bring its gaming portfolio up to date with the latest trends in the industry.

Growth Potential of the Video Game Industry

The video game industry is estimated to be worth Rs. 1.5 trillion by 2020, with revenues expected to grow at a compounded annual rate of over 20 percent for the next five years. The growth potential of the video game industry is manifold, and it is growing at a faster rate than any other segment of the global entertainment industry.

One of the key reasons behind this growth is the increasing popularity of digital platforms like smartphones and tablets. More and more people are shifting their gaming activities to these platforms, as they provide an immersive experience and are easier to use. This trend is likely to continue in the future, as mobile gaming continues to evolve and become more sophisticated.

Microsoft has been investing heavily in the video game market recently, acquiring both Minecraft creator Mojang AB and developer 343 Industries Ltd for a total value of $2 billion. Microsoft’s strategy is clear – focus on creating quality games that can be enjoyed by gamers across all platforms, including consoles, PC, mobile devices, and virtual reality headsets. This move will help Microsoft consolidate its position in the market and further strengthen its leadership position.

Factors Affecting the Price of Video Games

1. The price of video games is influenced by a variety of factors, including the prevailing economic climate, the availability of new titles, and the popularity of specific franchises.

2. The popularity of certain games can lead to increased demand, which in turn can lead to higher prices. In some cases, game companies may choose to hike prices in response to high demand; other times, increases in production costs or other factors may necessitate such increases.

3. Changes in government regulations or tax policy can also affect the price of video games; for example, taxes on digital goods may increase the cost of purchasing such items.

4. Competition from other platforms (such as mobile devices and streaming services) can also impact the price of video games; as these platforms become more popular, it becomes harder for game companies to maintain high profits from sales of traditional console games.

Outlook for the Video Game Industry

The global video game industry is projected to grow from $108.9 billion in 2016 to $130.8 billion by 2021, at a CAGR of 7.5%. The market is expected to be dominated by the mobile gaming segment which is estimated to account for nearly two-thirds of the global market in 2021.

In July 2017, Microsoft Corporation announced that it has agreed to acquire Activision Blizzard for a total value of $5billion. This acquisition will make Activision Blizzard the world’s largest video game company with over 60 million monthly active players (MAUs). This acquisition is expected to help Microsoft gain an edge in the growing mobile gaming market as well as further penetrate into the traditional console gaming space.

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard: a Timeline

मैं भी जाना जाता है कि Microsoft और Activision Blizzard को १७.३ lakh crore का १.४% से ५% काम करता है |

Microsoft and Activision Blizzard: a Timeline

On April 4, 2016, it was announced that Microsoft is acquiring the gaming company Activision Blizzard for $5 billion in cash and stock. This deal values the company at $24.1 billion (Rs 15,000 crore). The purchase includes Call of Duty, Overwatch, Destiny, StarCraft II and World of Warcraft franchises. This acquisition is seen as a strategic move by Microsoft as it seeks to strengthen its position in the gaming sector and become a leading provider of interactive entertainment content across platforms. Furthermore, this deal would give Microsoft access to some of the world’s most popular video games. After the acquisition is completed, CEO of Activision Blizzard Bobby Kotick will remain with the company as an executive director and will continue to lead the Call of Duty franchise while Phil Spencer will take over as head of Xbox division.

Key Highlights of the Acquisition

विक्रेता से मुख्य प्राप्त कर है, जो Microsoft Gaming Company (MSGC)

ानी-Microsoft Gaming Company (MSGC)
 – लाभ: Rs 5,00,000 crore

Microsoft gaming company to buy Activision Blizzard for Rs 5 lakh crore

What This Means for Microsoft, Fans and the Industry

Microsoft is all set to buy Activision Blizzard for Rs 5,000 crore. It has been speculated that this move will help Microsoft bolster its gaming portfolio and compete with rivals like Sony and Nintendo. This acquisition follows Microsoft’s $26 billion purchase of LinkedIn back in 2016. The move will give Activision Blizzard a market capitalization of over Rs 2 lakh crore.

Activision Blizzard is one of the largest video game companies in the world. The company has franchises like Call of Duty, World of Warcraft and Overwatch. Some analysts feel that this deal might not be good for gamers as it will lead to increased competition among game developers. However, others say that this acquisition will help Activision Blizzard expand its footprint into new markets and create new games.



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